Trollbloods in the works

Trollblood Axer

Trollblood Axer

I was lucky enough to receive a Trollblood start box as a gift, so I set about assembling and painting them right away. In 2 days I had the box assembled and primed. On the 3rd day, and faster than God, I had this Axer painted and based. Awesome – I was on track to have the box painted between one Tuesday session at Jeff’s and another!

Then work kicked in, and I was called away to Toronto for 2 weeks!

I’m really looking forward to painting and playing the Trolls – way more than the Circle army I had planned. For some reason they speak to me more than the wolves and constructs of Orboros. Plus I look alot more like a Troll. Go with your heart when picking your armies – whenever I talk myself into one, I sell it off eventually.

Once again I used the new GW washes on the skin to do all the recess and highlight work; then it’s just a matter of picking out a few scales, and this guy looks done. Awesome mini.


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