Uncharted Seas Arrives

Yes, it’s been slow on the gaming front. I’ve had to spend a lot more time lately on my company sales, paperwork, etc. Then there’s the 2 days in hospital with a kidney stone (last week). Blah blah blah…

Uncharted Seas arrived through the mail Friday. Yay! The miniatures are a lot bigger than I thought, and I really like the rulebook. Overall, a very solid product. And, to add icing to it all, I won £100 of free Spartan Games products because I pre-ordered and was entered into a draw. Again – yay!

Although I’m not doing much painting, I am starting prototype paint schemes on my Blood Bowl minis. The models above have been basecoated with paint, then washed with the new GW washes – mud for the Orc (over PP Gun Corps Brown) and red for the Humie (over PP Khador Red Highlight). I love these washes – while still wet, they look disappointing, like there’s not enough on the model. But when they dry, they’re very convincing, and always dry matte! No Dullcote needed here.


One thought on “Uncharted Seas Arrives

  1. Noticed a comment you made on Plastic Legions referencing GW scarborough. Whereabouts in the GTA are you? We have a smallish blood bowl league going at Two Headed Dragon (www.twoheadeddragon.com) on thursday nights. You should join us if you can!

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