Uncharted Seas “Ships”



Today I’m fairly stoked – Uncharted Seas is shipping today from its creator, Spartan Games, in the UK.

I’ve had my eye on this game for a while, waiting for it to be completed. So when Spartan announced pre-orders with free shipping worldwide, I jumped at the chance to get 2 complete fleets:
• Imperial Human
• Iron Dwarves



That’s all I could afford right now – with a game system I haven’t played! I also ordered the main rulebook too, and will happily give you a review when the models arrive.

It won’t be a difficult game to play from the demo battle Spartan put online; but I’m hoping it has enough differing strategies to keep us older guys interested. I wasn’t interested 10+ years ago when Man-O-War by GW initially came out, but the idea of fantasy naval combat has become more interesting since. These models look super-easy to paint, so when they arrive I’ll start up a painting post about them, and get some battle reports in immediately afterward!


One thought on “Uncharted Seas “Ships”

  1. I’ve played it a few times now. Far simpler than Man 0′ War was. Easy to digest and easy to teach to youngsters. There are some variations between the fleets that make the difference. Orcs shoot straight ahead and have large crews– they are good borders. Men have large crews and lots of firepower in broadside. Dwarves can take huge amounts of punishment and their battleship is a behemoth. Etc. etc.

    I rather like Uncharted Seas. I definitely feel like it was a good investment.

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