Deliverers are complete

It’s been several months since I offered to paint these, but I finally finished Glenimal’s unit of Protectorate Deliverers.

I’m not sure why it took so long really – I got a prototype model done fairly quickly – within a couple of days actually. But the other 9 seemed a bit daunting, and I had many other projects, so I put them off. Besides, Glenimal doesn’t play Warmachine that often, so no hurry, right? Wrong.

Here’s the secret to getting your units ‘recruited’ – paint like the lazy bastard you know hides inside all tabletop gamers:
• Paint only what you can see
• Don’t paint up to the adjacent colour – leave a line
• Black line your models with a pen instead of a brush
• drybrush all your metal before you do any colours (if you’re sloppy, remember you’re going to paint over the slop), and finally…
• paint for effect – your models will usually be viewed from 2-6ft. away, so you can afford bold highlights, fewer colours and not painting the bottoms of things

There you go – the lazy painter’s guide to getting models done. The serendipitous point here is:
• With practised lazy painting, you’ll find better and lazier ways to get things done as you go, so you’ll get even faster
After I painted the prototype 3 months ago, I finished the other 9 Deliverers in 2 nights of work – about 6hrs. You’d better have a good reason to take more than an hour per model.

Oh ya – I hate Protectorate.


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