An awesome weekend of games

GamerGus, CousinMike and Andrew the Smith made it out for the 40K 5th Ed. gaming weekend. And we all agreed it seemed like a better system. Gus was here for both FoW and 40K, but it turned out that we played more games of 40K than FoW.

These were probably the best games of 40K I’ve ever played. Sure there was a lot of rules checking, as we were all rusty in the rules, let alone the new 5th Ed. ones – but we all agreed they were more involving games. There’s alot of peering through terrain at exactly what you can see – sometimes through 2 or 3 bits of scenery.

The best shot of the game was by a Marine with a krak missile – through 2 windows – at a Necron Hvy. Destroyer. A shot no one saw until CousinMike – desperate for targets – got low and peered through the 2 freakin’ windows. A great shot!

Of the 3 games played this weekend though, the best were the team games. Andrew the Smith and I playing Necrons, against the combined Imperial forces of GamerGus and CousinMike. You’re not only competing against your opponents, but you’re actually trying to out-perform your teammate as well. Lots of tense moments and good laughs all ’round.

Four thumbs up on the new 40K. Thanks guys for a great weekend of gaming.

Wraiths get my thumbs-up-seal-of-approval as the best Necron unit in the game. These guys can turbo boost through terrain and turn a seemingly safe position into a perilous one with one move.


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