Panzer IIIJs are complete

This Panzer IIIJ platoon is complete. I surprised even myself with how fast I got these guys done – probably about 3 hrs including decals.

I’m getting quite used to painting tanks quickly – it’s everything else that’s a pain.
1 – Primed black
2 – Basecoated with Basalt Grey (Vallejo)
3 – Stipled with Green Ochre (a Vallejo paint that’s actually dark yellow)
4 – Inked with GW’s new black wash
5 – Highlighted with light grey
6 – Muddied up with Graveyard Earth (GW)
7 – Decals placed

That’s it. I find the new GW washes dry very matte, so no real need to spray thes guys with Testors Dullcote, which will be a relief to my wife, as Dullcote could kill any cat that gets a whiff of it. I think that’s it for painting before the weekend. Gotta finish reading the FoW rules again…


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