Necrons are completed

And… they’re done – 500pts of Necron Combat Patrol goodness/evil, however you appoach the universe. I have to give credit where it is due – my trading partner. He assembled and primed all these guys, so I was left with the simple tasks of painting and basing – really really easy with Necrons.

I don’t like GW flying stands though – they’re constantly dropping out of their models. If you glue them in however, you know they’re going to snap off in transit from one game to another. If anyone’s got a good solution for a snug fit that can be taken in/out easily, I’d like to hear it.



I realize the Scarab Swarms can’t be purchased at the start of a game, but I think it’s allowable to generate them during the course of one. Otherwise Tomb Spyders wouldn’t be 55pts – not with a WS and BS of 2.

It might look like alot of models, but this Patrol is only 4 squads. Having an enemy pick them apart one squad at a time shouldn’t be that hard – and they’re really going to come after the Warriors for the phase out. From the very start of the game, the Tomb Spyder will generate Scarabs, while hiding and advancing slowly. At about turn 4 or 5 I’ll commit them to an all out assault, where they won’t kill much, but should prove really pesky.


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