Battlemind painting table-July05-08

My Necron combat patrol is almost complete with these latest 2 sneaky units.
Wraith unit size is 1-3, but I had 3 in my traded collection, so I decided to paint and use them all. They’re an expensive include at 41pts each, but they move like jetbikes, get 3 attacks each, and have a 3+ invulnerable save. This is pretty necessary in an army whose single troop choice is really no good at close combat – resilient yes, but not good at punching heads.
That combined with the ability to move through terrain, no matter what the material, and they’re going to scare anything they get near.
000_0249-scarabs2The Scarab swarms are illegal in a combat patrol list – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. The reason – you can’t include a model with 3 wounds or more in your list. But my Tomb Spyder, not yet finished, can make one of these swarms once per turn in the assault phase – so I’ve made 6 bases of them up. One per turn if the Spyder lives that long. So you can’t buy them, but you could end up generating them! I think that’s totally legal.
My Spyder’s next – but will probably be the toughest to paint, because it has such a large, flat carapace, with very little detail. My goal is to get this patrol recruited by the end of this weekend – then I can work on some FoW platoons in preparation for GamerGus.

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