Battlemind painting table – June30-08

000_0241-table-june30-08Ok , so GamerGus is scheduled to come down for a weekend of gaming July 12-13th. We’re going to celebrate the release of 40K 5th ed. and play a couple of games with the new ruleset.

Because Gus plays with Marines, I’ve put mine away temporarily, to paint something else. An army that paints up even faster than SMs – Necrons! Now normally I wouldn’t have started into Necrons, but a colleague of mine in Hammers of the North unloaded his Necrons, for an unbelievable price, 3 years ago. And yes it’s taken me that long to get them out and finish painting them into a coherent force. A process I like to call “recruiting”. When you’re recruited, you will hit the battlefield soon…

000_0246-nike-necronsThe Necron army I inherited was partially completed:
– some models were assembled
– some models were primed
– some models were painted
But I wanted my guys to have some colour – I’ve seen too many Necrons in dry-brushed silver. So after much experimentation I settled on a ceramic red – GW’s foundation paint Mechrite Red. It covers the primer silver well, looks evil and adds an element of aggression. I also don’t have a ‘red’ army.

Occasionally it occurs to me that these guys are dressed for some kind of evil sport – probably soccer – so they’ve been nicknamed ‘Nike Necrons’. Better than Christmas I guess. – Battlemind 


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